Lesson 1 - God's Design


After Katelyn introduces our topic, consider this:

What experiences are formational to your view of work? In other words, how did adults model work to you when you were a child? Consider models from managers, friends, mentors, siblings, or co-workers. How did these experiences contribute to how you think about work today?


Scripture commences  with four definitive words: 

In the beginning, God...

Genesis 1:1

Immediately we see that all of Scripture is first and foremost about God. 

No matter how many times we read this verse, it is never wrong to be in awe of God. Whatever answers we seek, whether it is about work or suffering or otherwise, we must first focus our perspective on the Lord. If we gloss over this important step, we risk asking the wrong questions and misinterpreting scripture through a self-focused lens.

Before moving forward into today’s lesson, spend a few minutes quietly and slowly reading Genesis 1.

God is a Worker

Imago Dei

More Than

Within a few seconds of meeting a new person, the conversation turns toward the question of vocation. “So, what do you do?”

People often respond with their job role. Yet vocation is broader than a role, time, and skills exchanged for payment. It is broader than “career.” There is more to me than my job (educator, CEO, lawyer), role (spouse, parent), or life stage (single, married, widowed, divorced) because of who God says that I am.

Cultural Mandate

God's Feast


What does it mean to be human? In Genesis 1:27, we are told that we are made in God’s image (the Latin for "image of God" is Imago Dei). God made us to interact with the world in the same way that God interacts with it. In previous verses of the chapter we see this God who creates and brings order to creation.

So God created humankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

Genesis 1:27 NIV

What does this mean for us?

Andy Crouch, author, speaker, the executive editor of Christianity Today magazine, offers a biblical vision for culture - starting from God’s mandate for humanity to create in the garden.

The God we meet in [Genesis 1] is first of all a source of limitless, extraordinary creativity … When the human beings, male and female, are created ‘in God's image,’ surely the primary implication is that they will reflect the creative character of their Maker. Human beings were designed to continue the work God began in creation, which means our primary purpose on earth is to work!

Andy Crouch, "Culture Making"

Tying this concept into this image of the feast, God wants us to bring something to the world that is uniquely ours, that is uniquely you, to the banquet. 

Reflect on the types of work that seem to flow out of you naturally. What type of work are you most passionate about?

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