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In recent centuries, a chasm has opened between “science” and “religion,” and many people nowadays simply take it for granted that these two competing worldviews are incompatible. If this is true, is it possible to engage the natural sciences with rigor and excellence and still maintain a robust Christian faith?

Praveen Sethupathy, Associate Professor in the Department of Biomedical Sciences at Cornell University, deconstructs the perceived opposition between science and faith and charts a course for a distinctly Christian approach to scientific inquiry. In this course, Dr. Sethupathy offers some fresh ways to recover the study of natural sciences as an act of worship, cultivate the virtues required for an intellectually credible faith, and engage the ministry of reconciliation to heal the brokenness around us in our workplaces.  

What You'll Learn

  • Is it really the case that science and religion are in competition?

  • How can we—and why should we—engage scientific inquiry Christianly?

  • What does it mean to take delight in our vocation as scientists?

  • What does Scripture have to say about science?

  • How should we conduct ourselves when subjected to unfair criticism?

  • How can we learn to see scientific study as an act of worship?

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Praveen Sethupathy

PhD in Genomics and Professor at Cornell