Group Discussion Guide: Caring for Creation

Lesson 1 — Faith and Science

  1. In our culture, there is a widespread misconception that “religion” and “science” are somehow incompatible with each other.  

    • How have you experienced mutual distrust between “faith” and “science”? How do Rick’s comments help us to overcome this false dichotomy?  

    • Think about the Christian community or communities of which you are a part. How is science discussed in those circles? Why do you think some Christians are suspicious of or even hostile toward science?  

    • Take a minute to think of ways in which science can give us important insights into the character of God. How might science enhance our faith, rather that discredit or diminish it?  

  2. Rick suggests that environmental justice is social justice, and we owe our responsibility to our neighbors, even those who are not yet living, on account of our participation in God’s grand design to rescue creation from death and decay.  

    • How might a broader understanding of the Gospel—a grand narrative of Creation → Rebellion → Redemption → Restoration—inform how we think about our responsibility to the natural environment?  

    • Creation care is a social justice issue, since environmental degradation will mean more suffering for people who are already disadvantaged. Do you believe that the future of the environment is a moral issue? Why or why not?