Group Discussion Guide: Counseling Against Shame

Lesson 7 — Building Healing Communities

  1. “Shame cannot be healed, sin will not be forgiven, apart from being in the context of a community,” says Curt.  

    • In your experience as a therapist or clinician, why are patients so reluctant to initiate contact with their shame? What techniques have been helpful in encouraging patients to face their shame?  

    • Vivek Murthy, the former US Surgeon General, recently declared that America is in the throes of a “loneliness epidemic.” How has loneliness impacted your patients? What can be done to combat this epidemic?  

  2. Since the mind is embodied and relational, it can only flourish in relationship to other minds, so clinicians need to foster contexts where people can know and be known intimately.  

    • Have you used group work in your practice? What have your experiences been? What are the strengths of this approach? The limitations?  

    • What are some ways that you might introduce an element of group work into your practice?