Lesson 2 - The Flourishing Mind

You Can't Give What You Don't Have

Differentiated and Linked

The Integrated Mind

Curt charts the functions of the mind in practical terms with the acronym SIFT(B): an integrated mind processes experiences through sensations, images, feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Even though each of these is a differentiated mental function, the flourishing mind will bring them into concert with each other as it makes meaning out of experience. One of the obstacles to healthy mental functioning is inattentiveness. As Curt explains, we do most of these things unconsciously, which can become a serious problem when our minds begin to tend toward disintegration. One of the jobs of a clinician is to help train patients pay attention to each of these domains. 


  • In your own clinical practice, what are some techniques you employ to help patients process sensations, images, feelings, and thoughts and behaviors in an integrated fashion (even if you do not use that particular vocabulary)?  

  • As mental health professionals, what are some specific ways we can train clients to be attentive to the various domains of their mental functioning?

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