Leader Guide: Faith and Co.

Welcome to The Faith & Work Classroom!

Our hope is that you find a more unified story of faith and work that makes sense of your life. We hope that this course helps provide you a much needed sense of rest, connection, and learning with a group of like-minded believers. We hope that you discover God’s purpose for your work is much larger than earning a paycheck or getting a promotion.

We find that learning works best when done in community, and we are excited that you have decided to lead a group through this course! Please reach out to us anytime at classroom@denverinstitute.org if we can help in any way.

With much hope and love,

The Faith & Work Classroom Team

How Groups Work

  • Groups typically meet once per week.

  • The group leader(s) use the Group Discussion Guide for each lesson to help facilitate conversation (details below).

  • Most courses are 4-6 lessons. We recommend your group goes through one lesson per week. 

  • Each learner in the group should review the week’s lesson before the group meets. This will prepare them for the group discussion.

  • Each learner in your group should sign up for their own account. This will allow them to review the lesson material in preparation for each discussion.

Finding the Group Discussion Guides

  • On the Classroom website, navigate to the course your group is taking.

  • From the course page, click on the Resources section.

  • Under Resources, click on the Group Study section, which will reveal a series of Group Discussion Guides for each lesson of the Course.

  • Download and share the correct week’s discussion guide with the members of your group.

Using the Group Discussion Guides

  • Group meetings are meant to be conversational; you should encourage everyone to contribute to the dialogue!

  • You should not need to review the content of the lesson with the group. The meeting time should be focused on deeper reflection and discussion about what the lesson taught each person.

  • Each guide typically contains only 3-4 discussion questions, and each question is meant to spark deep, meaningful conversation within your group.

  • Encourage each member of your group to take the lesson beforehand, and optionally to review and prepare for the discussion questions. This will greatly improve the quality of your group’s discussion.