Group Discussion Guide: Faith and Co.

Lesson 1 — Beauty out of Brokenness

  1. “There’s hope for people who are broken,” says John. “There’s beauty in broken things.” Where do you see brokenness in the places you inhabit—your home, your workplace, your neighborhood? Where is there an opportunity for God to bring beauty out of this brokenness?  

  2. God worked redemption in the Marshes’ marriage and in Opelika, in part, because John and Ashley resolved to stay in the places God had put them. Where in your life might God be calling you to stay and see what he will do, even if it’s a difficult place?  

  3. The Marsh Collective helped to revitalize Opelika not through church programs or some other overtly “spiritual” initiative but through a construction business organized according to the values of the Kingdom of God. In what ways can you use your work to invest in your community and participate in God’s ongoing redemption of our places?