Group Discussion Guide: Find Your Calling

Lesson 2 — Calling and Your Job

  1. When you introduce yourself to others, what do you say? What does this say about how you view yourself? What does it say about how you view God?
  2. If we are to live in the world religiously, then who does “ministry” and where? As we have learned from Brian's lessons, ministry:
    • IS NOT: exclusive to church, parachurch, or some form of paid Christian work
    • IS: all service in all places that we do on behalf of Christ and others, co-participating in the redemptive work of God, property of the priesthood of all believers, and connected to our primary and specific calling. All Christians are ministers no matter their jobs.
    • How does this help with some of the tensions you might feel around your job and your calling?
  3. Oswald Chambers says, “Get into the habit of saying, ‘Speak, Lord,’ and life will become a romance.” When has the Lord spoken to you and what has he said? How is this quote both helpful and frustrating?