Group Discussion Guide: Find Your Calling

Lesson 1 — What is Calling?

  1. What has been your experience with the concept of calling? How have you struggled with it? If you were raised in the church, how was the idea taught (or not taught) to you? If this idea of calling is new to you, what does this lesson clarify? 
  2. How do these two ideas of primary and secondary calling strike you? Are they helpful? 
  3. How is “calling” being used in the following passages? Have someone from your group read from each verse. 
    • Gen 1:5   Col. 3:15   1 Sam. 3:4   Matt. 1:23   1 Peter 5:10   Mark 3:13-15 
    • Acts 1:24-26   Rom. 9:23-26   Acts 16:6-10    Eph. 4:1-2

After your group has read each verse, discuss the following calling themes in Scripture:

  • Speaking out to a person

  • Naming/Identifying something

  • Synonym for Salvation

  • Summons and Response

  • Jesus appoints individuals/disciples

  • God calling key leaders to key tasks

  • God calls people to BE an identity 

  • God wills a lifestyle for all Christians