Lesson 1 - Work for a New World

New World, Old Tools 

Michaela’s personal career history is likely to resonate with lots of us, especially if we’ve finished our schooling relatively recently. Like many of us, she found herself thrust into a job market armed with a degree that she didn’t know how to use. 

As she describes it, she had been “sent into a new world of work with old tools.” Maybe you can identify. In a situation like this, it becomes harder and harder—not easier and easier—to discern our calling. That’s why we must continually ask ourselves, “What is God calling me to do right now?”


  • Michaela’s professional journey wasn’t linear; it didn’t follow a straight line from training to vocation. Reflect on your own career path. Coming out of your training, did you feel prepared to pursue your vocation? How did you end up finding your way to your calling (that is, if you have found your way)?

Plan B 

Entrepreneurial Posture and Practice

What if the church could form people for calling in a way that equips them for a changing world of work?

That’s the question that kept dogging Michaela as she negotiated her own professional life as it evolved from divinity student to data entry specialist to creative entrepreneur. 

That question became the basis of Michaela’s doctoral thesis, as she interviewed scores of entrepreneurs and business leaders to see what makes them tick. The results were surprising. Michaela found that it is not the case that some people are cut out to be risk-taking entrepreneurs and others are not. On the contrary, she concluded that “there’s an entrepreneurial posture and spiritual practices can help develop it.”


  • Michaela argues that each of us has the capacity to build entrepreneurial muscle with the right practices, but it takes some reflection to get there. Before going further, take a few minutes to answer these questions:  

    • How have you learned to define success?

    • How have you learned to define failure?

    • What practices have moved you toward success?

    • What practices have helped you deal with failure?

Have you ever felt a sense of angst and restlessness regarding your work? Have you ever wondered if you were doing what God has called you to do?
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