Group Discussion Guide: Gender in the Workplace

Lesson 1 — Uncovering Biases

  1. It’s not novel, or even controversial, to say that everyone harbors certain biases when it comes to the way they view men or women in the workplace, but it can be very difficult to discern these biases in ourselves. Let’s start by trying to uncover some of these unreflexive assumptions in our own contexts:

    • What is the relationship between the men and women in your workplace like?

    • Now, broaden the frame to include your entire industry. What is the perception of men in your field? What is the perception of women?

  2. We all know that our workplaces should ideally be a place where both men and women can contribute and prosper, but we sometimes have a difficult time creating work cultures where this actually happens.

    • How have you seen gender stereotyping or implicit biases at play in your workplace or your industry? How have you been impacted (positively or negatively) by these unreflective judgments based on your gender?

    • In your own view, what obstacles stand in the way of creating workplace cultures where men and women can collaborate, enjoy equal access to opportunity, and flourish?

  3. Before Denise unfolds her thesis across the remainder of the course, take a moment to record your initial response to the following questions:

    • Why should we care about gender at work?

    • What challenges are unique to women in the workplace?

    • What can individuals, organizations, and churches do?