Group Discussion Guide: Living Awake

Lesson 3 — Being People of Blessing

  1. Jesus always took the time to see, even if it seemed like he had more important things to be doing or when it was going to disrupt his day. But we’re not so good at seeing—literally or metaphorically. When our heads aren’t literally looking down at our phones, we’re so wrapped up with our own cares and concerns that we don’t notice the needs of others.  

    • We all know the experience of being ignored. Why is the experience of not being seen so painful?  

    • Christians worship The God Who Sees Me, so we ought to be people who see others. What prevents us from seeing others like we ought to? What are some things that we can do to improve our sensitivity to the needs of others?  

  2. As Cari reminds us, the same Spirit that raised Jesus Christ from the dead lives in us (Romans 8:11). This means that we carry the power and authority of our “family name” into every place we frequent.  

    • What places do you frequent every day? Every week? Every month? What would it look like to carry the blessings of your “family name” into those places?  

  3. A Christian’s eyes ought to be “frightfully alive . . . starting with a frantic intentness outwards.” But if we’re really going to live with this kind of “frantic intentness” on blessing other people, God may ask us to do crazy things—like drive all over San Diego for a Christmas tree!  

    • What influences in your life keep you from “living awake”?  

    • Sometimes we ignore the call of God because we’re afraid he’ll ask us to something crazy, embarrassing, or even dangerous. What is something God might be calling you to that makes you uncomfortable?