Group Discussion Guide: Living Awake

Lesson 1 — Choosing Against Fear

  1. When we live in fear, according to Cari, it’s impossible for us to live the kinds of lives that bless other people, since “perfect love casts out all fear” (1 John 4:18).   

    • Name a time when you felt the Holy Spirit prompting you to do something, but you didn’t do it because of fear. What fear or fears, in particular, kept you from using your gifts to bless others? Was it a fear that you weren’t enough? That you would seem incapable or incompetent? Or, maybe it was that you felt unvalued or ashamed. What was it?

    • Now think of your present life. Where are you letting fear creep into your life above and beyond your identity as perfectly loved?  

    • Cari suggests that fear is a symptom of a misplaced identity. Why, ultimately, do you think we are so fearful of what other people will think of us?  

  2. Our understanding of who we are—even if it is a  false one—inevitably shapes the way that we live and act in the world. This means that if we’re trying to inhabit a malformed view of ourselves, our behaviors will reflect it.

    • What are some of the false or misleading stories our culture tries to tell us about where to find our sense of identity?  

    • Why is it so damaging and dangerous to live out of a false identity?