Group Discussion Guide: Living Awake

Lesson 4 — Overflowing with Blessing

  1. As Cari says, the life of blessing is not necessarily about doing certain things, but about becoming a certain kind of person.  

    • What are some small choices that you can make every single day to increase your awareness of God’s presence and your sensitivity to the needs of others?  

  2. Cari reminds us that we can only serve God out of the life we have, not the life we wish we had. We are responsible to God only to be ourselves and to use our gifts, not to be someone else.  

    • Think about the unique shape of your life story, your personal experiences and your distinct gifts, even the difficult ones. What is the one way in which you “can show the life of God” that nobody else can? 

    • What is a gift you’ve been given but wish you hadn’t? How might God be trying to use this difficult gift for his glory, even if you have a hard time seeing it?  

  3. In the end, it’s all about abiding in Christ, who is the source of our life and our value. When we understand this, we can finally rest from the exhausting work of trying to define ourselves, comparing ourselves with others, and living out of all kinds of false identities.  

    • Where in your life do you need a rest from futile attempts to live out a misplaced identity?  

    • What are some concrete spiritual practices you can implement to actively abide in Christ?