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For a Christian, a blessed life is a life that participates in the good, the beautiful, and the true. And yet, many of us settle for something less than this abundant life, falling prey to fear, exhausted from trying to define our own identities, or gripped with anxiety from comparing ourselves to others. How is it possible to live this kind of life—the kind of life that overflows with God’s blessings toward others? 

In this course, you’ll learn from Cari Jenkins, pastor, Executive Director of Urban Skye, and author of Listen and Live: Through the Gospel of John, that a life of blessing is available for us, but we need to shed our false selves and rest in our true identities in order to live it. Come along as Cari shows us how to “live awake” to the redemptive work God is doing in the world and find the meaning of our individual stories within the grand story of God’s mission to make all things new.

What You'll Learn

  • What does it mean to live an abundant life of blessing to others? 

  • How can we find our true identities and discover who we really are?

  • What are the sources of our false selves and how can we overcome them?

  • What practices can we cultivate to help us “live awake” to what God is doing all around us?

  • How can we be people of blessing in our neighborhoods, our families, and our workplaces?

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Featured Speakers

Cari Jenkins

Executive Director of Urban Skye, Pastor, Author