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Leaders are expected to know what to do, even when they have no idea what to do. Obviously, this puts leaders under immense pressure. Add in the fact that leaders, unlike the people they lead, often have their mistakes unfold in real time and in public view, and you have a recipe for chronic leadership anxiety. On top of all that, leaders are often subjected to anonymous criticism or stuck in dysfunctional organizational patterns that prevent their teams from thriving. Under these circumstances, leaders often act out of instincts that are anxious rather than helpful, damaging the organization’s culture. 

In this course, Steve Cuss, lead pastor of Discovery Christian Church and author of Managing Leadership Anxiety: Yours and Theirs, teaches leaders how to identify the sources of their chronic anxiety and pay attention to the ways that anxiety manifests in our bodies before offering practical tools and exercises for developing emotionally healthy leadership patterns.

What You'll Learn

  • What are the sources of chronic leadership anxiety?

  • Why are leaders particularly susceptible to chronic anxiety?

  • What are the negative effects of anxiety on your emotional health and on your organization’s culture?

  • How can leaders learn to manage their anxiety rather than being managed by it?

  • How do emotionally healthy leaders cope with criticism?

  • How can the power of the Gospel offer freedom from unhealthy leadership patterns?

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Steve Cuss

Pastor, Discovery Church