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The heart of the Christian faith feels so polarized from the actual day-to-day work of business: the hiring and firing, the supply chains and operations, the customer service and management, and the spreadsheets and board meetings. These are the measurable outcomes. But biblical stories of apostles, prophets, patriarchs and parables? Those seem not to apply to our profit-driven work.

But, the truth is that God deeply cares about your work in business. Business matters to God. 

In this course, you will learn the role of business as promoting the kingdom of God, how business can be an active force in developing human flourishing, and how Christians can be true to their faith and work in business.

The bottom line in business can align with the bottom line in the kingdom of God. There is a purpose of business from God.

What You'll Learn

  • A two-fold purpose for Christians in business
  • Why profit as the sole purpose of business does not work
  • A framework for practically implementing Christian principles into business
  • How to find meaning in work
  • How business helps Christians to “love thy neighbor”
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Featured Speakers

Jeff Van Duzer

Provost at Seattle Pacific University