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What is justice? It seems like a basic question, but many graduates are pouring out of our law schools with only a vague notion of what justice actually is. And even if we get a handle on what justice is, how do we think Christianly about our work as legal professionals? Is it even possible to be a good lawyer and a good Christian, or is “Christian lawyer” an oxymoron?

Join Steve Thompson, Executive Director of Denver's Justice and Mercy Legal Aid Clinic, and MIchael Schutt, Associate Professor of Law and Director of the Institute of Christian Legal Studies at Regent University School of Law and author of Redeeming Law: Christian Calling and the Legal Profession, as they guide us through these vital questions. Along the way, we’ll learn how the Bible defines justice, how we can use our legal expertise to serve our neighbors, and how we can think deeply about distinctly Christian approaches to jurisprudence and the practice of law.

What You'll Learn

  • How does the Bible define justice?

  • What does Christianity have to do with the world of contracts, tortes, and depositions?

  • What can a Christian legal professional do to join in God’s grand mission of justice for the poor and oppressed?

  • How can we use our legal expertise as “stewards of God’s varied grace”?

  • What can Christians do to create greater access to justice, particularly for the indigent?

  • What would a distinctly Christian account of the law look like?

  • How can Christian faith inform the way you practice law every day?  

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Featured Speakers

Michael Schutt

Director of Institute for Christian Legal Studies

Steve Thompson

Executive Director, Justice and Mercy Legal Aid Center