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This course—created in partnership with The Gospel Coalition—explores how a richer understanding of the gospel can give a new sense of purpose to our daily work.

Most Christians have a vague sense that their faith should impact every dimension of their lives, including their work. But it can be hard to know exactly what this should look like. Part of the problem is that the faith and work conversation isn’t happening in many churches. Without the biblical guidance we need, we may struggle to work Christianly in a marketplace where we’re lured by false gods on every side: the idol of overwork, the idol of achievement, the idol of selfish gain. And, on top of that, work in a fallen world is often plagued by a sense of futility, disappointment, and frustration. Where can we find a compelling vision for our work?

In this course, Timothy Keller, pastor of New York City’s Redeemer Presbyterian Church and New York Times best-selling author, explores how a richer understanding of the story of the gospel and our place within it can infuse our daily work with renewed purpose, integrity, and hope. In his winsome and accessible style, Keller exposes our culture’s false and distorted ideas about work and shows how Christian faith can keep work from destroying us, boring us, corrupting us, mastering us, and ultimately defeating us. Come and see how your work connects to God’s work.

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What You'll Learn

  • What does the Bible say about work?

  • How can we find purpose and courage for our work in a fallen world?

  • How does Christian faith offer hope for work in spite of frustration and disappointment?

  • What are some of the false stories our culture tells about work and how do we resist them?

  • What does a Christian vision of work look like in practice?

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Tim Keller

Pastor and Best-selling Author

This course is provided in partnership with The Gospel Coalition.