Group Discussion Guide: Redefining Work with Tim Keller

Lesson 3 — A Renewed Hope

  1. Keller argues that Christians in the marketplace have to contend against a perfect storm of factors that make it difficult to work with integrity.

    • What are some of the unethical practices common in your industry? Name a time that you’ve succumbed to these pressures.

    • Keller argues that Christians should not be ruthless people. They ought to be gracious, generous, poised, and ready to cooperate. When you consider your own professional life, where is there room for you to improve in these four areas?

    • Think of a time when integrity in the workplace cost you something.   

  2. Keller suggests that if Christians are going to navigate the many challenges of the marketplace, we’ll need a coherent and biblical worldview.

    • A worldview is not something we look at, but something we look through. In other words, our beliefs are like contact lenses: we can’t see them, but we can’t see without them. How has your own worldview impacted the way you approach your work, consciously or not?

    • In what ways does your job require you to make decisions about values? What practices can you cultivate to shape a coherent Christian worldview?

  3. Sometimes our work doesn’t materialize the way we hoped it would, but Christian faith gives us hope that the passions God has given us will be fully realized when he makes all things new.

    • How have you experienced frustration, incompletion, or disappointment in your work?

    • The gospel tells us that we do not find our value—or our salvation—in our “life’s work.” How might a renewed sense of hope energize you in your work, in spite of the discouragement that comes with working in a fallen world?