Group Discussion Guide: Redefining Work with Tim Keller

Lesson 1 — Faith and Work

  1. As Keller notes, the faith and work conversation is often missing from our seminaries and churches. As a result, Christians are uncertain about how to live out their faith in their jobs, and pastors are not sure how to disciple people in their public lives.

    • Think about your experiences in the church. Was the “faith and work” conversation happening there? If not, why not? How were you taught to think about the relationship between your faith and your work?

    • It is not easy to figure out what a “Christian business” should look like—or if that’s even the right language to use. When have you seen faith and work done well? When have you seen it done poorly?

  2. We need a new story for our work, since the stories our culture tells about work aren’t helping us to find purpose and hope. Think about your own work history. What stories—including false stories—have you told yourself about the purpose of your work?

  3. We also need a more expansive understanding of the Gospel than we sometimes hear. Yes, Jesus did die to save us from our sins so that we can be with him forever, but he is also “making all things new” (Revelation 21:5).

    How could a bigger Gospel—God “making all things new”—help you think about your work? What would change in your day-to-day work if you could find your place in the plot of God’s grand story?