Group Discussion Guide: Redefining Work with Tim Keller

Lesson 2 — Work Matters

  1. Derek Thompson has argued that, for many Americans, work is a religion—“workism,” as he terms it. In what ways does our culture’s understanding of work end up looking like a religion?

  2. Why is it so common to find our identities in our occupations? How would it change your approach to your work to recognize that your identity is secure in Christ?

  3. Think about all the jobs you’ve had in your work history. You probably enjoyed some and disliked others. Have you ever had a job that you felt was “below you”? Where did this attitude come from? How did it impact your work?

  4. Justin Martyr’s account in Dialogue with Trypho suggests that plows and yokes made by Jesus were still being used one hundred years later. What does that tell us about Jesus’s approach to work? What does this say about how God sees work?