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When we look around at our cities, we often sense an overwhelming amount of hurt. Cities are racially divided, people live on the streets without homes, and neighbors don’t know each other. Cities with dying economies, like Detroit, are parched for renewal. As Christians, we sense a calling to take part in God's mission to heal and restore these broken cities. But so much is broken; where do we even start?

In this course, Greg Thompson and Joshua Yates provide a practical framework to help in the work of restoration. Next, John Marsh shares how he gradually restored his small mill town of Opelika, Alabama through God’s love, hospitality and business. This course provides a new perspective on understanding civic life and how we can work towards creating thriving cities.

To use Tolkien's language, you are here because you have a 'secret hope.' It is a hope anchored in God's profound love for this world and God’s profound love for you. It is a hope that we embrace in our call to the world to reintegrate this city. Just as Jesus is reintegrating us by the power of the Spirit. It is a hope summarized in Jesus's words to the world at the end of Revelation: 'Behold, I made all things new.' (Rev. 21:5)

Greg Thompson

What You'll Learn

  • See the ways our cities are disintegrated
  • Explore the task of reimagining cities
  • Learn a framework for providing hope
  • See practical, real life examples of restored cities
  • Practice what it means to care about a place and people in that place
  • Participate in God's healing work of your places
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Featured Speakers

Greg Thompson

Director of New City Commons

Joshua Yates

President & CEO of Thriving Cities Group

Dave Runyon

Co-founder & Director of CityUnite

John Marsh

Principal at The Marsh Collective