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Being an entrepreneur is difficult. You pursue what you're most passionate about and strive to make the world a better place, but the extra stress and demands are often debilitating to your relationships, your health, and your soul. How do you live the life of an entrepreneur in a healthy way?

While our culture celebrates entrepreneurs as catalysts of progress and good in the world, on the inside it can  feel like a storm of doubt and chaos. Entreprenuership exposes human limitations, and the question is: how can you respond in a way that is healthy for your business, your relationships, and your physical and spiritual health?

Learn from a panel of successful entrepreneurs who address important topics related to identity, values, and caring for your soul among the immense pressures that entrepreneurship places on your life.

What You'll Learn

  • What is the purpose of business?
  • What is the significance and meaning of our souls?
  • How should a Christian-led business look and operate differently?
  • How should you prioritize your time and your values?
  • How do you have healthy relationships as an entrepreneur?
  • How should you deal with failure as an entrepreneur?
  • How can spiritual disciplines improve your work and life?
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Featured Speakers

Jeff Haanen

Executive Director of Denver Institute for Faith & Work

Maxwell Anderson

Entrepreneur and Author

Henry Kaestner

Managing Principal at Soveriegn's Capital

Banks Benitez

Co-Founder and CEO at Uncharted

Reilly Flynn

Managing Partner at GAN Ventures

Drew Yancey

President of Yancey's and Strategy Consultant