Lesson 1 - Understanding Technology

Good or Bad?


As you begin this course, spend a few minutes reflecting on the following questions:

  1. When you think of the word “technology,” what comes to mind?
  2. Do you tend to see technology as good or as bad?
  3. How does technology influence your life today, both for the good and the bad?

Technology Transforms

Being Shaped

Even things like air conditioners can change a culture.

John Dyer

Every tool, every piece of technology, whether it is a chair or an iPhone, has the capacity to shape our values and culture. If we do not practice discernment, we may not even notice technology's influence all around us, all the time. The change could be sudden, but it most likely will happen slowly and over time.

How are you being shaped by technology? Consider some ways you can be more observant about how technology is shaping your life and culture.  How could you learn to pay attention? The ultimate test is "fast" from technology for a period of time and note it's impact on your life. For example, you could "fast" from all social media for 7 days and then explore what changed in your life during that time. 

Practicing Discernment

Defining Technology

A New Perspective

Technology is a God-given transformative force.

John Dyer

John presents an expanded view of technology that includes tools which were invented long ago. Technology is given to us by God, and is not something we should fear or run away from. Take a moment to consider how you viewed technology prior to this lesson and how understanding technology as a God-given transformative force changes your perspective.

In the next lesson, you will learn how technology should be understood within Scripture's grand narrative of Creation, Fall, Redemption, and God’s Restoration of all things.

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