Group Discussion Guide: The Faithful Artist

Lesson 3 — Collective Agency

  1. Cameron argues that artists can draw us out of our culture’s narcissistic hyper-individualism into “the engaged middle”—spaces where people can meet one another face to face and exchange ideas.  

    • What might it look like for your art to interrogate or unmask the false narratives offered by our culture, whether consumeristic, political, or social?  

    • How can art promote and cultivate “the engaged middle” and encourage people to re-engage the agency given to them by God in Genesis 1–2?  

  2. Think about your own artistic work. List some of the concrete ways it can  

    • supply fitting design,

    • advance meaningful critique, 

    • generate palpable beauty, or

    • explore ineffable mystery.  

  3. “Serious art either showcases or upholds our humanity.” In what ways does your art demonstrate the glory of human existence? How does your art uphold the value of humanity and extend hope in the face of the tragedy of human existence?