Group Discussion Guide: The Faithful Artist

Lesson 1 — The Middle Space

  1. As Cameron explains, to be a Christian and a creative professional can feel like living in two separate worlds simultaneously without belonging totally to one or the other.  

    • Before going any further, take a moment to consider Cameron’s central question. How do you reconcile your calling as an artist with your Christian faith? What are some of the difficulties involved in negotiating these two identities?  

  2. Historically, Protestant Christianity and the world of fine art have regarded one another with a deep suspicion, making life very complicated for the Christian artist, forcing us into what Cameron calls a “double consciousness.”  

    • How have you experienced the “double consciousness” that Cameron describes here? Why is it difficult to be serious about faith and serious about art at the same time?  

    • How has your work as an artist been received in your religious community? Why?  

    • How has your Christian faith been received in your artistic community? Why?  

  3. Ultimately, Cameron argues, art matters because it expresses the depth of human existence in ways that other media and disciplines simply can’t.  

    • Madeleine L’Engle suggested that when we talk about art and faith, we are really talking about the same thing. What do you think she meant by that? How do you understand the relationship between faith and art in your own work?  

    • How does your art capture the tragedy and the glory of being human? Are the categories of Christian spirituality helpful in describing your artistic work? Why or why not?