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Some days, our work seems so menial: we make copies, we feed children, and we present powerpoints. Other days, our work seems so frantic. The calendar is packed with meeting after meeting; each deadline is just as important as the last; it's yet another kid crying and screaming like the world is going to end. And by the time we get to vacation, we find it impossible to rest and rest well. We feel overworked, overspent, and overwhelmed.

There is more to work than simply being a rusted, work-weary cog cranking out the "American Dream."  

Eugene Peterson, best known for his Bible translation, The Message, leads us to a refreshing view of work through his lifelong vocation as a pastor.  He is interviewed by Andrew Arndt, a Teaching Pastor at New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

What You'll Learn

  • The difference between “just a job” and a vocation
  • How God cares about our work
  • Suffering in our work
  • Receiving our rest through the practice of Sabbath
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Featured Speakers

Eugene Peterson

Pastor, scholar, author, and poet

Andrew Arndt

Teaching Pastor at New Life Church in Colorado Springs