Group Discussion Guide: The Holiness of Work

Lesson 3 — Busyness and Sabbath

  1. Eugene said that busyness may be “the most vocation-destroying condition that there is” and that technology trains us to think that we can do more than we can actually do. Since everyone seems to be busy, we must intentionally choose a non-busy life. Consider this for a moment.
    • Why are we so busy? 
    • Why do you or people around you jam pack their schedule?
    • What are the benefits of having a non-busy life?
  2. Let’s consider rest for a moment. 
    • What constitutes “rest” for the general public? 
    • When was the last time you felt rested? 
    • How does this idea of Sabbath strike you?
  3. There is so much beauty and delight to be found when we engage others in relationship for who they are, not who they can be for you. Spend time with a a co-worker or supervisor seeking to focus on the beauty of their “beingness.” As you do this, keep these questions in mind to shape your perspective: 
    • What is unique about this person? 
    • How has God crafted this person in his image? 
    • How has God gifted this person? 
    • What is life-giving about this person? 
    • What about this person elicits a sense of joy?