Group Discussion Guide: The Holiness of Work

Lesson 1 — God's Plan for Work

  1. Consider God’s delight in all that he created. How do you think he sees you? How do you think he sees your work?

  2. To dive further into the doctrine of Creation for our work, explore how Eugene Peterson sees both time and place as gifts of Creation from his book Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places.

    • How is time portrayed in Genesis 1? How does this either affirm or challenge (or both) things I assume about the way time ought to be?

    • What does Genesis 1 have to say about the concept of rhythm?

    • What does Genesis 2 teach about the gift of place? What does it mean to be “placed”?

    • How does place play into relationships and identity?

    • How does viewing both time and place as gift challenge societal norms?

  3. How might our lives change if our perspectives towards our work were primarily shaped by the reality that work is a good gift from God for us?