Group Discussion Guide: The Holiness of Work

Lesson 2 — Work is Good

  1. What is your work doing for you? What can you do for or bring to it? What thoughts or feelings were surfaced for you? 
  2. Return once again to Eugene’s words: “There is not any kind of work that is not capable of being vocationalized.” How does this sit with you? Was it easy to accept at the front end or has it been a process? Describe your process of figuring out your vocation with the group.
  3. Too often in life, we suffer in silence and we suffer alone. More often than not, however, people do care and want to help us through our struggles. We simply need to find and embrace the right relationships, and reach out for help in an effective way. This may take a lot of self-humbling for some of us, but the effort is worth it. If you are in a place where you are suffering in your work to some extent, pray for the Lord to help you see what person in your life might be able to come alongside you. Someone who can work with you as you walk towards vocationalizing your work and dealing with any suffering present there.