Group Discussion Guide: Whole-Life Calling

Lesson 2 — God Comes Calling

  1. We live in an individualistic culture, so it’s not a surprise that we often think of our vocations in individualistic terms. God is not only interested in what each of us is called to do, but what we are called to do together.

    Think of the communities in which you’re situated, whether it’s your family, your workplace, your church, or some other body. Where do you see opportunities for collaboration? What sort of people might God be calling your community to be?

  2. The prophet Micah reminded the people of God that God has already told them what kind of people they were supposed to be in every dimension of their corporate and individual lives, even if not every individual person gets a “burning bush moment.” All this suggests that the scope of vocation is much broader than one particular life decision.

    • Have you ever had what a “burning bush moment” where you were certain of your calling? If you haven’t, how did you decide on a life course?

    • Following Micah 6:8, what are some concrete ways that you can practice justice, kindness, and humility wherever you find yourself in this season of your life? In other words, what does God require of you right now?