Group Discussion Guide: Whole-Life Calling

Lesson 1 — Making Sense of Calling

  1. Dan challenges us to think of our lives as the place where God is acting upon us. Part of what it means to find our vocation is learning to respond to God’s action upon us.

    • Take a moment to consider your current life circumstances. If you watch carefully, where might you see God acting upon you? What do you think he is asking of you in this season of your life?

    • Where in your life do you see an opportunity to reflect the jubilation—the sheer joy and good pleasure—of the Triune God?

  2. “Selfie” has recently entered the official vocabulary of the English language solely because of its popularity as a social phenomenon. By drawing on this example, Dan shows that culture shapes our words, and our words then turn around and shape culture. The word “vocation” is no different; it’s also subject to cultural pressures, which have distorted the original, biblical meaning of this term.

    • Think about how you’ve heard the language of “calling” used. What are the various meanings that we’ve packed into “calling”?

    • Before proceeding any further in the course, do a quick thought exercise. How would you define “calling” in one sentence?