Group Discussion Guide: Whole-Life Calling

Lesson 4 — The Human Vocation

  1. As we try to discern what course of action we should take, we can sometimes get stuck between fear and discontentment. In light of Dan’s expansive vision of vocation, consider the following questions:

    • What is something you feel you may have been called to do, but you’re “waiting for the right time” to pursue? Think about your reservations. Are they coming from a place of fear or a lack of trust in God’s provision?

    • Now think about an area in your life where you’re feeling frustrated or like you’re being held back. What, if anything, might God be teaching you about contentment during this season?

  2. Vocation is one of the ways in which God begins the work of opening us back up toward our neighbors when sin has turned us inward on ourselves.

    • Pause for a minute to take a quick inventory of the main areas of your life. In which areas are your closed in on yourself and wrapped up in your own needs? In which areas are you open toward God and neighbor?

    • Dan shows us that the point of vocation is not to fulfill our own hopes and dreams, but to serve the needs of others. What are some concrete ways that you can benefit those around you in your various vocations?

  3. Vocation is all about what God is doing in the present in the places where he has put us. We have no control over the past, and the future has not yet come. So, who is God calling you to be right now?