Group Discussion Guide: Why We Work

Lesson 1 — Image of God

  1. According to Genesis 3, because of sin all human work is plagued by a haunting sense of futility and hopelessness.

    • Describe a time when you’ve experienced a profound sense of discouragement in your work. Have you ever wondered, “What’s the point?” Where do you think this feeling comes from?

    • Think about the community where you live. Where do you see brokenness and ugliness? What problems in your community seem irredeemable?

  2. Although the Bible never fully explains what the “image of God” is, the idea of representing the presence and reign of a monarch is central to the concept. When someone looked at an eikon of a ruler—a statue, a painting, or a coin—they would be reminded of the king’s character.

    • When you hear the phrase “image of God,” what comes to mind? How would you define it? How have you heard it defined?

    • Even after the fall, the Bible explicitly reminds us that human beings still bear the divine image (Genesis 5:1, 9:6). How would it change your understanding of your daily work to think of yourself as a “living eikon,” an image who represents the presence of God to the people around you in every sphere of life even in this broken world?

  3. Theologian Helmut Thielicke has written that bearing the image of God is both an immense gift and a serious responsibility. In other words, we’re supposed to do something with the image of God with which we’ve been gifted. How has God uniquely gifted you to reflect his character in your world? Where do you have a responsibility to bear witness to God’s presence?