Group Discussion Guide: Why We Work

Lesson 3 — Reclaiming Beauty

  1. Riet serves as a “living eikon” by literally getting her hands dirty in her neighborhood, but gardening is not the only way to love our communities. What are some ways that you can invest yourself in the physical place where you live to reflect God’s character and presence?

  2. Not everyone has the skills to be a craftsman like Harrison, but each of us can fashion things. What is something you can build, a project you can tackle, that will expand this dimension of your humanity, even if it’s only a hobby?

  3. Jake suggests that one of the ways to more completely inhabit our vocation as eikons is to make beautiful things. Not everyone is artistic by nature, but this is a dimension of our humanity that can be expanded with practice. What is one way for you to cultivate a practice of creating beautiful things in your life?

  4. You may not have the skills and training to be an auto mechanic like George, but you can do your work with honesty and integrity. Think about your industry. What are some of the dishonest practices? How in particular can your work reflect God’s truthfulness and integrity?

  5. When you consider your own place, your own community, and your own work, what would it look like for you to be a “living eikon”—the kind of person who reflects God’s character and presence—right where you are?