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We are more distracted, more harried, and more exhausted than ever. As all of life’s many demands compete for our time and attention, we can find ourselves working ceaselessly and on the brink of breakdown. We may say that we hate how busy we are, but we just can’t seem to slow down—and we may secretly like the frantic pace of our lives. We may feed on busyness as a marker of our importance and value. And although we know we should take a break, we just keep resisting rest

What we need, more than anything else, is to stop. And according to Tara Owens, Spiritual Director and founder of Anam Cara Ministries, Sabbath is first and foremost about learning how to stop. Join Tara as she explores the biblical origins of the Sabbath, explains why we have such a hard time practicing it, and shows us why it’s vital that we recover the Bible’s teaching on deep spiritual rest. To draw these themes together, Brian Gray, COO and Director of the 5280 Fellowship at Denver Institute for Faith and Work, orients us to the how of Sabbath, sketching practical Sabbath rhythms that we can implement to slow down in the midst of our hectic lives. 

What You'll Learn

  • Why do our lives feel so frantic and out of control?

  • What is the root cause of our obsession with over-busyness?

  • Why do we resist rest?

  • What does the Bible teach—and not teach—about the Sabbath?

  • What are tangible practices we can put into place to cultivate Sabbath rest?

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Featured Speakers

Brian Gray

COO at Denver Institute for Faith & Work

Tara Owens

Spiritual Director, Author, Founder of Anam Cara Ministries