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Do you ever find yourself asking...

Why do I go to work?

How does being a Christian influence my career?

Where do I find significance in my secular work?

As Christians, we all struggle with finding our calling in the world. We find ourselves wondering how our work changes the world. We have few safe places to find answers in our time-crunched and fragmented lives. At The Faith & Work Classroom, we bring you amazing experts from a variety of industries to explore these questions in a thoughtful and engaging manner through free, online courses.

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We help you create a connected life through...

Featured Speakers

Tim Keller

Pastor and Best-selling Author

Eugene Peterson

Pastor, scholar, author, and poet

Katelyn Beaty

Writer, Speaker, and Former Editor of Christianity Today

Jeff Haanen

Executive Director of Denver Institute for Faith & Work

Amy Sherman

Author and Senior Fellow at Sagamore Institute

Praveen Sethupathy

PhD in Genomics and Professor at Cornell

Here's how to bridge the gap between faith and work today...


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