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We often hear about calling as though it only fits in the context of professional ministry: “God called me to be a missionary," or "God told me to plant a church."

The Christian idea of calling has become so confusing that we either treat it as ambiguous—often hyper-spiritualizing it—or, we don’t use it at all because we don't view it as practical for our everyday work and life. But the biblical view of calling speaks to a much deeper satisfaction of following God in every circumstance—regardless of our vocation—as we see God’s presence flowing through every part of our lives.

In this course you will learn from Brian Gray, COO at Denver Institute for Faith & Work, as he wades through common misconceptions and provides a biblical understanding of calling as a deeply personal and experiential expression of God's love and missional summons. In the final lesson, you will spend time reflecting on a series of questions that will guide you in discovering your own sense of calling using principles from the course.

What You'll Learn

  • A healthier view of calling and vocation through the lens of Scripture
  • Common misconceptions of calling
  • A history of calling through church history
  • Primary and secondary forms of calling
  • The relationship of vocation and calling
  • Reflection questions that help you discover your own sense of calling
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Featured Speakers

Brian Gray

COO at Denver Institute for Faith & Work