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As recent headlines remind us, men and women often struggle to work together. Whether it’s integrating diverse work styles, navigating sexual tension in the office, or creating equitable opportunities for career advancement, we’re still trying to find better ways to build workplaces where both men and women thrive.

Should we even care about gender at work? How can the gospel guide the way we relate to each other? How can thinking theologically about the relationship between men and women contribute to healthy organizational cultures? Join Dr. Denise Daniels, Professor of Management and Associate Vice President for Strategic Initiatives at Seattle Pacific University, to explore these tensions and identify strategies to maximize the potential of every employee.

What You'll Learn

  • Why is it important to understand gender dynamics in the workplace?

  • How can the Bible’s view of men and women help us create healthier work cultures?

  • What professional challenges are unique to women?

  • How do our unconscious biases and organizational policies inadvertently disadvantage women?  

  • What can individuals, organizations, and churches do to shape professional environments where men and women can work together well?

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Featured Speakers

Denise Daniels

Professor of Management at SPU