About the Course

“What am I called to?” That’s the question many of us seem to be asking. Our culture has conditioned us to equate “vocation” with “occupation,” and the results are distressing. The fact that 70% of Americans are disengaged from their work should be cause for concern. But it should also cause us to ask better questions about what vocation really means – and seek better answers.

In this course, Dan Steiner, Denver Seminary Mentoring Director and 5280 Fellows cohort leader, shares principles to expand our understanding of vocation, clarifies what the Bible means by “calling,” and shows us how a more robust and Christ-grounded vision of calling can help us find purpose in our work, navigate job transitions, and respond to God’s summons to be his people in all dimensions of life.

What You'll Learn

  • How can we understand our calling when our life circumstances change?

  • What is the difference between occupation and calling?

  • What would it look like to put Christ at the center of our calling?

  • What is the relationship between our calling and our personal identity?

  • Is our understanding of calling too narrow?

  • What does the Bible mean by calling?


  • 1

    Making Sense of Calling

    • What's in front of us?

    • What's a "Calling," anyway?

    • Why Words Matter

    • Recovering the Meaning of Vocation

  • 2

    God Comes Calling

    • Calling in the Bible

    • A Summoned People

    • Vocation and the Authority of God

  • 3

    Whole Life Calling

    • The Landscape of Calling

    • Called to Christ

    • The Call of Abram

    • The "Why" of Calling

    • Vocation and Identity

About the Instructor

Mentoring Director at Denver Seminary

Dan Steiner

Dan Steiner Serves as Mentoring Director at Denver Seminary. With 13 years of ministry experience, he’s an expert at leadership development, personal growth, and spiritual formation. He’s passionate about equipping people to live their calling in the marketplace or local church. Dan received his BA in Youth Ministry from Western Baptist College (now Corban University) and his MDiv from Denver Seminary.